Dave Chapelle Clowns Caitlyn Jenner, Kylie Isn't Laughing

But Tyga was yucking it up.

By Eric Shorey

A few months ago, iconic gay filmmaker John Waters discussed the media's perhaps undeserved veneration of Caitlyn Jenner, saying, "Caitlyn’s a Republican, she’s on a reality show, and she’s a Kardashian. We can’t make fun of him or her?”

Looks like Dave Chapelle took Waters' challenge seriously at a sold out comedy show this weekend, but not everyone in the audience was laughing. According to TMZ sources, Chapelle dedicated about 6-7 minutes of his routine to the newly minted trans icon, with one particular joke aiming at her family's handling of her transition.

Dave mentioned that he had run in to Kanye West shortly before Cait's coming out. "Kanye ... why the long face?" started Chapelle. "And Kanye replied, 'Man, you'll see.'"

Ha. Ok?

Sources noticed a pointed silence in the room emanating from the VIP section where Tyga and Kylie Jenner were sitting. For obvious reasons, Kylie was less than amused about the lighthearted jab -- although there's no way to tell how angry she was, she certainly wasn't laughing during the bit. Tyga, on the other hand, was yucking it up.

Mentions of the incident were conspiciously absent on both Tyga and Kylie's social media - which either says a lot or nothing at all.

This isn't the first Dave Chapelle/Kanye West run in. Here's Dave talking about another Kanye experience with Jimmy Fallon:

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