Dear Fashionistas, Please Stop Wearing Your Coat Like This!

Those sleeves were made for wearing.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Dear fashionista,

Spring is in. You're so happy to break out of those bulky winter clothes and into light jackets, colorful trenches, and blazers. But it doesn't really matter how you layer, because you're wearing every coat as a cape. That's right. You've decided to follow your fashion spirit animal Kim Kardashian! So, you relinquish the notion that sleeves have any purpose besides to sway to-and-fro when you traipse around Beverly Hills, Paris or SoHo. 


It wasn't always easy. You had to retrain your arms to sit still--stiff as a board. Like phantom limbs, it felt weird. Sure, you slipped up. You picked up your phone to take a selfie with Hillary Clinton or Snapchat your fabulous life and your arm shot through the sleeve. Faux paus! Sometimes your entire jacket just fell to the ground. Hopefully your sidekick bestie--your Jonathan Cheban, if you will--was there to help you. 


But now you're an expert at going sleeveless. Winter, spring, summer and fall-- you're caping. From full-length gown to skin-tight bodysuit, every outfit just begs for a coat sans sleeves. You've forgotten what tailored clothes even look like. As for having full range of arm motion? Forget about it. You move like a robot... but at least you're a hot robot.

#LacedUp! New blog post up on my app all about my favorite sheer lace look! Link in my bio

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Or, so you think. You actually look ridiculous. This trend is unflattering for every body type. Not even Kim Kardashian is pulling it off. Unless your idea of being fashionable is looking like the silhouette of a discarded box, please stop. Like shoulder pads from the '80s or baggy jeans in the '90s, this is one fashion fad that you will look back on and cringe. Problem is, you can't burn these photos. So save yourself a lot of selfie deleting in the future and put the cape down. Your sleeves were meant for wearing.

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