Death By Selfies: Teen Who Drowned At Beach Is The Latest Selfie Victim

Do we need selfie-free zones?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Sometimes a selfie goes too far. In India, three girls innocently taking selfies on the beach led to the drowning death of one. In light of this, police are starting to identify no-selfie zones.

According to the Hindustan Times, 18-year-old Tarannum Ansari and her classmates Anjum Khan, and Masturi Khan went to the beach for a picnic in early January. They were standing on the edge of a rocky patch inside the Bandra Fort taking selfies and slipped into the water. A passerby rescued two of the girls but was unable to recover Tarannum.

Mumbai police have begun the process to warn people of taking selfies at beaches, forts and other places where they feel leads to unsafe photography. So far, 16 high-risk areas have been noted. “As of now we have not identified any spot where people will not allow clicking selfie. But it is in the process and we are planning to spread awareness through social media,” says a police spokesperson. He added to the BBC, "The police will now approach the city's municipality to prevent accidents at such spots due to people taking selfies. The municipality may deploy life guards and install warning signs.” 

India isn’t the only country with selfie safety issues. Last year, five people died in the UK (The Telegraph notes selfie deaths outnumbered shark deaths), a woman died while taking romantic selfies in South Africa, and right here in America a pilot fatally lost control of a plane because he was too busy posing for photos.

Should some places be selfie-free zones?

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