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Demi Lovato Blasted For Making A Trump Joke On Twitter

Some called it tasteless. What do you think?

Twitter's a tough crowd - just ask any celebrity ever. It's easy to come off differently than you intended, and one bad move can lead to an influx of hate in your mentions.

Demi Lovato came under fire last night for a political joke that just didn't land. She's always been outspoken on social media, but fans reacted negatively when the singer made a joke referencing Donald Trump's history of sexual assault.

"Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and grab some p***y," she wrote, then later deleted.

Demi may have tweeted this yesterday prior to Trump's win, but it still rubbed many fans the wrong way, prompting her to apologize later and explain that she was just trying to "make light" of the election.

To be fair, Demi has tweeted about the importance of voting before, but considering the election results, it's not hard to understand why many may have felt that this was no laughing matter.

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