Demi Lovato Quits Instagram And Twitter

We'll give it a week.

By Eric Shorey

Demi Lovato is one of the more unapologetically outspoken celebs we've got, but that could change if the power pop singer's latest social media pronouncements are any indicator. The "Cool for the Summer" singer has announced over Twitter that she'll be dropping out of a some social media platforms, hinting that backlash from trolls (and her own mouthiness) was the cause:

Whatย possibly could have led to this? Was it the fallout from her Mariah Carey shade? Comments about her undefineable sexuality? Or just a general hatred of internet troglodytes? Who knows!

Either way, we're bracing ourselves for D.Lo to pull an Azealia Banks (but without all the hate) and start up back again next week. See ya soon, Demi!

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