Denim Hair Is Taking Over Instagram

Jeans-inspired hair is totally a thing.

We told you about blorange hair but there's another hair trend that may be even crazier. Celebs have rocked blue hair before but it's jeans-inspired hair, or denim hair, that's taking over Instagram now.

According to Refinery 29, denim hair is a mixture of gray and blue (kind of like your favorite acid wash jeans). The color, which is perfect for this time of year, is popular at top salons already and some colorists are mixing their own shades. "Every other email in my inbox is from people asking for this moonstone blue color," Cherin Choi, an LA colorist, shares with the site. 

There seems to be some contention on how high-maintenance the color is; how it holds with washes and as your hair grows out. "It's still in the gray family and has a dusted look to it that is perfect for an easy fade and grow out," Choi says. Daniel Moon, the guy who gave Kanye West his rainbow hair, feels otherwise. "People have a hard time with the fade [because] it usually goes green."

Feeling blue? If you're up for some (potential) upkeep, denim hair may be right for you. 

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