Despite Her Horrible Year, Kesha Killed It At Coachella With Zedd

"Let me show you my, my true colors, it ain’t no rainbow"

By Eric Shorey

A shining angel appeared at Coachella, and her name was Kesha. It looks like rumors of an impending Kesha appearance at the music festival were true. Our Lady of Resilience and Unicorns made a triumphant return as a herald of hope and peace.

Despite her ongoing and increasingly depressing legal battles against her alleged abuser Dr. Luke, Kesha radiated strength and beauty as she belted the lyrics of Zedd's "True Colors" while performing with the EDM superstar.

The lyrics of said song seemed particularly representative of our girl's struggles against both her record label and the misogyny of the music industry at large:

"All my life, one page at a time

I’ll show you my, my true colors

No, no no no I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes

Let me show you my, my true colors, it ain’t no rainbow

A promise with the light, is broken by design

What we thought we knew, has been swallowed by the truth

It’s time to light the flame, right before it rains

I’m not afraid, I’m not"

It used to be easy to make fun of Kesha for her goofy white-girl rapping, but she's since gone on to prove that she has the vocal cords for some truly powerful performances. And boy did she deliver.

Kesha has already performed a handful of times in tiny venues, usually interpreting her own material with a country twang. But this appearance marks our hero's first high-profile performance since a New York court rejected her case against Dr. Luke.

According to Jezebel, these kinds of performances might be what Kesha is stuck doing for a while, considering she is not allowed to produce new music outside of her work with Dr. Luke: "In the provisions of her contract currently under dispute, Kesha may not record new material with anyone but Sony producers and/or Dr. Luke, but can publicly perform covers as well as her old material."

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