Despite Legal Woes, Sony Claims Kesha "Could Be The Next Adele"

But we'd rather her just be Ke$ha.

By Eric Shorey

Our Lady of Whiskey Mouthwash Kesha has been embroiled in a truly heart wrenching battle against her record label after coming forward and discussing the abuses she faced at the hands of her producer Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald). Despite numerous legal pushes to be released from her Sony contract, Kesha remains legally obliged to work with her alleged victimizer -- thus preventing her from creating any music at all and effectively crippling her musical output.

Sony isn't going easy on Kesh, suggesting that a break in her production won't hurt her. Using 27-year-old Adele, Justin Timberlake, 34, and 41-year-old D'Angelo as examples of other artists who have made successful comebacks, Sony argued that Kesha could easily become the next Adele once this ordeal has blown over.

But let's be real, Kesha and Adele don't exactly have parallel careers -- and we would be mortified to see Kesha (who used to dance on stage with giant inflatable penises and perform faux human sacrifices during her concerts) start churning out future dentist office waiting room music. Yes, that's shade towards Adele. Bring it on. 

According to the The Daily Mail, "[Dr. Luke] and Sony... have denied all of Kesha's sex allegations. Sony in court papers claimed it has invested more than $11 million in Kesha's career and that she has earned $3 million in royalties alone. They also countered Kesha's claims that she has fallen out of the public's eye by pointing out her recent acting roles on Jane The Virgin and Jem And The Holograms." Cool argument, Sony.

Meanwhile, Dr. Luke has doubled down and filed breach of contract and defamation lawsuits against our precious pop party girl. If Kesha's music taught us anything it's to never give up (partying), even in the face of adversity. We're rootin' for you, girl.

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