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Did Amber Rose Break Up With Her New Boo To Get Back With Wiz Khalifa?

Amber and her ex are both speaking out on Instagram...

Amber Rose and Val Chmerkovskiy have broken up. That’s sad, but on the bright side, I no longer have to remember how to spell his last name. They still seemed very sweet on each other just recently:

But Val confirmed in a message on Instagram that they’d parted ways, writing that they ended their relationship about a week ago with “humility and understanding.” He said the reason was that they “both lead very different lives and unfortunately it didn’t work out.” Val still appears to be a huge fan, saying, “I will continue to support her, praise her, and defend her against any narrow minded individual that dares to question her integrity as a woman, a friend, and most importantly the INCREDIBLE MOTHER THAT SHE IS TO HER SON!”

Woo, okay, we get it. You’re Amber Rose’s ex and you still love her. That seem pretty common. Even Kanye West, with all his s**t talk, still seems to be obsessed with Amber Rose. And as for Wiz Khalifa, who helped her make that wonderful son, well, here they are together at Clive Davis’ 2017 Pre-Grammy gala on Sunday:

What in the heck is happening here? Are they back together? Is this why things “didn’t work out?” We may get an Instagram update soon, but for now we just have to assume that Amber Rose is the best ex in the world.

Update: Amber Rose has released her own statement on the matter, also on Instagram, thank goodness. She says she's "super sad," then clarifies that there's nothing going on between her and Wiz Khalifa, writing, "Wiz and I are family and we will be family for the rest of our lives for Sebastian. We've been through hell and back so a kiss on the lips for a photo and a night out of fun is not a big deal for either of us, we are in a great place but we are very much still divorced and not together."


She adds, "Nobody got dumped and nothing we over here is malicious its just how life works sometimes."

That's all probably true, but she had to have known how it would look! Oh well. It is all "super sad."

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