Did Beyonce Steal From A Short Film For 'Lemonade' Trailer?

Matthew Fulks, an independent filmmaker, is claiming Bey's team copied his work.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Did Beyonce's team steal the inspiration behind the Lemonade trailer? Independent filmmaker Matthew Fulks sure thinks so.

Fulks filed a lawsuit in NYC recently claiming that Beyonce's creative team copied his short film, Palinoia, when creating the trailer for Bey's visual album, Lemonade.

In addition to filmmaking, Fulks is the creative director at Kentucky-based news station, WDRB, where he writes and directs TV advertisements. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fulks believes the defendants - which include Sony Music, Columbia Records, and Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment - may have watched Palinoia when he sent samples of his work to executives after being contacted about possibly directing a music video for a music group signed to Columbia. This list of people also included Bryan Younce, who has directed Beyonce videos in the past. This is said to have occurred 5 months before filming for Lemonade began.

"The number of aesthetic decisions included in Plaintiff's PALINOIA Work that are parroted in Defendants' LEMONADE Trailer demonstrates that the LEMONADE Trailer is substantially similar to the PALINOIA Work," reads the suit. "The misappropriated content includes both the particular elements that the Plaintiff chose to comprise the PALINOIA Work and the coordination and arrangement of those particular elements."

Basically, Fulks is claiming that a substantial portion of the content in the Lemonade trailer was lifted from his work - including the well-known parking garage scene.

What do you think? Watch both below.

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