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Did Bow Wow Pay Fans To Chase Him So That He Could Show Off On Instagram?

Bow Wow may have gotten caught lying again and now Twitter is roasting him.

Bow Wow is at it again. He was caught seemingly lying about having a private jet on Instagram last month, but clearly he didn't learn his lesson about flexin' on social media because he seems to be up to his old antics.

Earlier this week, the rapper posted a video on Instagram that seems to show him getting chased by screaming fans.

"On tour and I'm still getting chased," he wrote in the caption.

Many on social media suspected that something was up, including the actual city of Charlotte Twitter account, People reports. It didn't take long for the accusations to fly, with Twitter users claiming that Bow Wow paid fans to chase him.

Do you think the video was staged? Take a look at some of the most ruthless social media responses below.

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