Did Drake Just Spend Two Million Dollars On Gold Sneakers?

It sure looks like he did.

By Aimée Lutkin

Hey, everybody, relax: Drake did not spend $2 million dollars on a pair of solid gold sneakers. Though it certainly looks like he did:

@msenna @jumpman23 👀🏆 #SolidGold #24K #TheseAreNotToWear

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I know people with a lot of money, especially musicians, love to flash how much cash they got, but it’s impossible to see a pair of gold shoes and not think of the episode of 30 Rock where Tracy Jordan is trying to desperately spend all his money and actually wears a pair:

TMZ reports that initial speculation on how much Drake spent on what can only be considered “art” were way off base. The guy who makes the shoes, Matthew Senna, usually charges between $3,500 and $30,000 a pair. Drake’s are definitely on the higher end, but nowhere near $2 million. They’re also not solid gold, just like, a touch.

You know, it’s Drake’s money. At least he’s not running up his mom’s eBay account anymore...


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