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Did J. Cole Just Accuse Kim Kardashian Of Faking The Paris Robbery?

What is going on here?

Since news broke that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room earlier this week, celebs have chimed in to offer not only their sympathy but to defend her from hateful trolls as well. But is one celeb - J. Cole - accusing Kim of actually faking the robbery?

J. Cole doesn't seem like the messy type, but his Twitter followers were in for a surprise when the rapper randomly tweeted last night that he thinks it's all a hoax, and then clapped back at someone who disagreed with him.

"Kim Kardashian really pullin a publicity stunt smh she pretending she got robbed," he wrote.


What made his speculation even more odd is that he hadn't even used his Twitter account since March, but he apparently decided to log back in after months of being inactive just to call Kim a liar? Huh?

It wasn't long before people began to speculate that Cole had been hacked, and after a short while, whoever was behind the keyboard began to prove them right. His tweets began to get more and more random and he began to insult random Twitter users, Bossip reports.

Talk about random, right? The tweets have since been deleted, and it looks like a Kim K/J. Cole feud was successfully averted!

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