Did Justin Bieber Really Just Compare Himself To God?

Justin's latest Instagram caption just reached a whole new level of arrogance.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Someone please take away Justin Bieber's Internet access, because this kid's ego is out of control - or so it seems. After Justin posted a photo of himself taking a nap with an unbearingly cute puppy and captioned it "On the 7th day.." the internet exploded. Why? Well, even if it was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek comment, some took it as him comparing himself to God, HollywoodLife reports.

After the backlash, Justin quickly edited his caption with the following capslock response: "AND MY GOODNESS I WAS MAKING A REFERENCE, I AM NOT COMPARING MYSELF TO GOD I'M THE FARTHEST THING FROM!!!! IT WAS MY WAY OF SAYING HOW IMPORTANT REST IS."


Alrighty then.

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