Did Justin Bieber's Penis Appear Briefly On A Model's Instagram?

The lesson here is: the world is too interested in Justin Bieber's penis.

By Aimée Lutkin

The internet simultaneously gasped, clutched their pearls, and then peeked through their fingers when a photo that looked a whole lot like a Justin Bieber d*ck pic turned up on the Instagram of model Chantel Jeffries. Jeffries is a friend of Bieber's who was most notably in the car with him when he got pulled over for a DUI in 2014.

The image has since been deleted, and Jeffries quickly went to Twitter to explain that her account had been hacked.

But like...was that Bieber’s erection or what? The answer, as explained by Cosmopolitan, is that the d*ck pic photo is a very elaborate Photoshop job that’s been circulating online for awhile. They even provided a side by side comparison with the real photo:

It’s sad that there are such talented photoshoppers out there with so little real work to do. Give these people jobs! The hacker also tagged the image with Selena Gomez’s handle which is messed up. She’s had enough Bieber drama to last a lifetime.

Jeffries may be back in control of her account, but she’s still pretty pissed—and in her lawyer’s office, ya hackers.

Sitting in my lawyers office like: Fuck u hacker :)

A photo posted by CeeJay The Dj💽 Or Chantz (@chanteljeffries) on

[Photo: Instagram]


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