Did Khloe Kardashian Just Wage War Against Indie Designer Destiney Bleu?

Khloe's camp has fired back following accusations that Khloe copied Destiney's designs.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

One week after Khloe Kardashian was accused of stealing ideas from an indie designer and using them for her own clothing line, the reality TV star has fired back.

Designer Destiney Bleu, who's known for her bedazzled designs and has worked with a number of A-list stars including Beyonce, called Khloe out on Twitter last week. According to Bleu, Kardashian ordered numerous items from her last year only to replicate her designs under her own name; she posted the receipts to prove it, too.

Khloe's camp later denied infringing on "another brand's intellectual property," and TMZ reports that Khloe's lawyer, Marty Singer, sent Bleu a letter earlier this week to address her "malicious and tortious conduct" and accuse the indie designer of "defaming" Khloe in an effort to get her "15 minutes of fame."

"Your client has also brazenly misappropriated Ms. Kardashian's valuable rights of publicity with her unrelenting commercial exploitation of Ms. Kardashian's name and photograph — including photographs she has taken from Ms. Kardashian's Instagram account without authorization — which your client freely admits has generated 'a ton of @dbleudazzled sales,'" the letter reads.

Khloe's team did admit that she purchased numerous items from Bleu, but denied that she bought "1 of everything." According to the letter, Khloe's former stylist Monica Rose did request a catsuit from Bleu; however, they claim the catsuits Rose requested from Bleu "bear no resemblance whatsoever" to the Good American bodysuits. The Good American bodysuits are sleeveless leotards "with crystals concentrated in the bust area," while the suits Rose requested from Bleu are "full-bodied, long-sleeved, and lined with crystals distributed evenly all over the garmets."

You can read the letter in full here. Meanwhile, Bleu has been open about the situation on Twitter, explaining to her followers earlier this week her reasoning for coming forward.

"I'm still really mad, but mostly heartbroken over the whole situation," she wrote in a series of tweets. "And stop asking for the godd*amned tea. The receipts are out. All of them. This isn't about gossip. This [is] about standing up for the TRUTH."

"It's not about race," she continued. "It's not about who did it first. It's about greed and not being accountable for violating people and their creativity."

Bleu's attorney Stephen McArthur made similar points in a letter sent to Khloe's camp earlier this month, HuffPo reports.

"It is not illegal for Khloe to copy Destiney’s designs — it is just tacky, disrespectful, and in bad taste," reads the letter. "There is also something deeply uncomfortable about someone with Khloe's wealth and power appropriating designs and fashion directly from a black woman with a small business without crediting her, making cheap knockoffs, and then attempting to threaten her into silence. You should be ashamed."

Bleu isn't the only one standing up to the Kardashians/Jenners these days, either. Indie brand PluggedNYC called out Kylie Jenner last week for copying their trademark camouflage designs for her new line.

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