Did Kim Kardashian's Sisters Skip Her KKW Beauty Launch Party?

They were suspiciously absent from Kim's social media that night.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is there drama brewing in the Kardashian/Jenner clan? Kim Kardashian's new beauty line, KKW Beauty, launches today, and to celebrate, Kim threw a pretty lavish party at her Bel Air mansion last night, Perez Hilton reports.

For the party, Kim had the ceiling covered in white roses, and there were mirrors just about everywhere. The woman of the hour showed out in a gorgeous white Vivienne Westwood dress, while mom Kris Jenner opted for a soft flowy pink look for the night. Kanye West and daughter North showed up to support their mother, too, with Kim captioning a pic of the three of them, "My babies came thru."

Suspiciously absent from the event — at least, judging from social media? Literally all of Kim's sisters, Perez pointed out. Was Kim not being entirely truthful when she claimed that there isn't any bad blood between her and Kylie Jenner over their makeup lines? It does seem a bit odd that none of the Kardashian sisters posted any pics from Kim's party, considering that they tend to hype up each other's projects on social media.

It's certainly possible that there isn't any drama going on at all; maybe they just weren't able to make it, or maybe they did attend the party and just chose not to share any pics from the night. Still, it's enough to make you wonder...

But anyway! Check out a few snaps from Kim's launch event below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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