Did Kylie Jenner Accidentally Post A Pic Of Her Plastic Surgery Scar On Insta?

Some people sure think so...

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Plastic surgery rumors have been swirling around Kylie Jenner for ages now, and while she has admitted to getting lip injections, she's never owned up to getting any other work done. That hasn't stopped fans from speculating though, and because of one of Kylie's recent Instagram posts, some fans are saying that she inadvertently provided the world with proof that she has actually gone under the knife.

In the photo that sparked everything, Kylie's wearing nothing but a crop top and a thong. On the top of her butt cheek — what's visible of it, anyway — is a thin red line which many jumped to conclude was a plastic surgery scar.

sasha unreleased

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"Is that the implant scar?" one fan wrote.

"Shes pretty but if you dont know that she got plastic surgery then idk what world u livin in," wrote another.

Others were quick to stick up for Kylie and point out that it's probably a tattoo — specifically, the red tattoo she got on her hip a couple years back. What do you think? Take a look below.

All red. @bangbangnyc

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[Photo: Getty Images]

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