Did Lil Wayne Throw Shade At Drake?

Wayne had some interesting things to say about his former protege.

Is Drake about to find himself embroiled in yet another rap beef, this time with his longtime friend Lil Wayne? During an interview for Cari Champion’s Be Honest podcast on ESPN Radio earlier in this month, Lil Wayne got to talking about everyone's favorite sensitive Canadian.


Weezy opened up about encouraging Drake early on in his career to, well, be Drake. Said Wayne, "I was the one to tell him: 'Don't change anything.' Don’t think 'cuz you coming over here by me you gotta start rapping about the things I rap about, don't do none of that. Please rap about your little TV show, whatever you wanna rap about. Rap about girls… that's what you’re good at."


And when Wayne was later asked who the better rapper is between the two, Wayne laughed and replied with "Man, I annihilate that guy."


Still, that probably isn't shade; there's not a single rapper out there who would sit for an interview and talk about how someone else is a better than they are. It's all about being confident. But the part about telling Drake to rap about his "little TV show"? Now that is a little suspect -- I'm just saying.


Do you think it was shade, or was Wayne just being honest? And let's say Wayne and Drake actually did start beefing. Who would come out with the better diss track?

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