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Did Meek Mill Really Post A Semi-Nude Pic Of Nicki Minaj On Instagram?

And if it's not her in the scandalous photo, then who is it?

Meek Mill is at it again. This time, the reigning king of social media drama isn't beefing with any other rappers, but he is oversharing on Instagram.

Last week, Meek disappeared then reappeared to seemingly throw a shot a Nicki on Instagram. Now, Meek have fans everywhere losing it after he posted a pretty explicit pic of a woman in his bed on Sunday night. The mystery woman's face isn't visible, but the rest of her body, clad only in a red fishnet body stocking, is.

"Sitting back like....Savage...Just friends," he wrote in the caption, finishing it with a "tears of joy" emoji.


Immediately, fans began assuming that Nicki Minaj was the scantily-clad woman in the photo, but due to a cryptic Instagram caption Nicki posted last week, some fans think the two have already broken up and the woman in the photo is someone Meek either moved on with, or maybe even cheated on Nicki with.

So what do you think? Is it Nicki or is it Meek's new girl? Or, here's another theory: is Meek really dumb enough to cheat and then brag about it on Instagram?

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