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Did M.I.A. Just Accuse Beyonce And Rihanna Of Copying Her?

Oh, and Madonna too.

Between that time she threw shade at the Black Lives Matter movement and this latest piece of news, M.I.A. has been making a lot of people's sh*t lists lately.

In a new interview with Q magazine, the outspoken entertainer claims that there are some big names who have taken their inspiration from her without giving her any credit.

"I'm fine with Madonna or Beyonce or Rihanna being 'inspired' by my work," she told the magazine. "But I would like them to then go, 'Yeah, this immigrant who came out of nowhere influenced us, so maybe not all of them are f**king terrible."

"They don't even think like that," she continued. "They go 'Yeah, maybe me stealing the stuff says she's all right. She should be thankful we're stealing it.' But sometimes you just think, 'F**k, I have to pay some bills,' you know?'"

M.I.A. went on to say that, growing up, she didn't have a lot of the same privileges that many stars of today had. 

"Beyonce comes from the school of Michael Jackson-ness. Where the family built an entire world to support you. From when you were a child. I never had that luxury," she explained.

"I'm just fodder," she continued. "A template for pop stars to create more content. We constantly feed the top of the pyramid."

Girl, what? These are some bold statements. Unsurprisingly, Twitter rushed to comment on her claims.

M.I.A. responded to the backlash via a vague-ish tweet.

It always gets messy when artists start claiming that other artists have been inspired by their work, because it's hard to prove what someone's influences are if the similarities aren't extremely obvious. But anyway, do you think M.I.A. is right and Madonna, Beyonce, and Rihanna need to give credit where it's due?

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