Did Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Break Up?

One of Nicki's tweets has people wondering...

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been through hell and high water. After all, who could forget the greatest social media rap beef of 2015, Drake V. Meek Mill? That feud got messier and messier, with both sides bringing Nicki into the drama despite her refusal to play that game.

And Meek has continued being messy since then, getting into Instagram fights with 50 Cent and The Game, who also brought Nicki into his jabs against Meek. But despite pressure from fans to drop Meek and find a new guy (maybe one with less Ls to his name), Nicki has stuck by her man's side through it all; the two of them even got a place in Beverly Hills together last month.

But has the couple called it quits? It's a single tweet from Nicki that's got people wondering, Bossip reports.

"Ok, I'm back on the prowl," she wrote last night. Say what now?

Being "back on the prowl" is something you usually hear newly single-people talk about, and it wasn't long before news outlets starting speculating about a breakup. But hold up - anyone who follows Nicki on Twitter would have seen that, prior to her tweeting about "being on the prowl," she was holding a discussion with fans about finding a girlfriend for her teenage brother. She even invited her followers to send in "applications."

Clearly, when she referenced being "back on the prowl," she wasn't referring to herself at all. How's that for a lesson on jumping to conclusions?

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