Did Pepa From Salt-N-Pepa Bleach Her Skin?

Take a look at this photo and see why some are saying 'yes.'

By Jazzi Johnson

There's a bit of controvery stirring up on the Interwebs, and one half of Salt-N-Pepa's duo seems to be the reason.

Sandra Denton, widely known as Pepa, recently uploaded the photo below to her Instagram page with an emoji caption expressing her excitement about her new hair color and cut.

While many commenters responded with words of approval--"Gorg!" "Stunning" and "So pretty"--there were more than a few sprinkles of concern and disapproval.

"She used to be a fine black woman..now she looks like a white woman with a tan. Self hate...What a shame," wrote one. "Been a fan forever so no disrespect when I ask this 'are you bleaching/lightening your skin,'" replied another.

And there were others who simply expressed concern, mentioning Lil Kim as example for her to take heed.

"[G]rew up with your music and admired you, still a fan, looking good .... but don't become lil kim. You're as beautifull as you are and were," said another. "You look lovely!" another fan commented. "BUT... Please stop right here. This is perfect. You're beautiful, we love you, ya da ya da, etc. Don't morph into another Lil Kim..."

While it's been speculated (though never confirmed) that she had a nose job back in 2007, this pic makes it appear to be even slimmer than previously. But it seems that the most of the concern right now is whether or not skin bleaching has also become a part of her beauty routine.

A photo posted by @darealpepa on


Do you think Pepa's been trying to tone down the pep in her skin, or do you think it's just plain old fashioned camera tricks?

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