Did Rihanna Have A Meltdown Before Canceling Her Performance At The Grammys?

TMZ is calling bulls**t on the "bronchitis" excuse.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

This year's Grammy Awards had a ton of great performances, but missing from the stage was Rihanna, despite the fact that she was booked to perform music from her new album. So what gives? Riri canceled her performance just hours before the show, with the official reason being that she'd come down with a bad case of bronchitis. Media outlets first reported that Rihanna had been taking antibiotics for three days to no avail. After being examined by a doctor the day she was scheduled to perform, she was supposedly put on vocal rest lest she risk damaging her voice.

TMZ is calling bullsh*t on the bronchitis though, and are instead claiming that the singer had an explosive meltdown just hours before she was set to perform.

According to TMZ's sources, Rihanna was hysterical, screaming and "loudly expressing displeasure over her rehearsal." Those same sources claim that she was too upset to even stay and watch the show.

No word yet on what caused the alleged outburst (or what she'd have to gain by skipping the Grammys). They also helpfully pointed out that Rihanna's voice seemed to be working just fine two nights before her scheduled appearance at the Grammys, when she performed at a Lionel Richie charity event.

The singer posted this message via Twitter on Monday night, apologizing to her fans and thanking CBS and the Grammys for their support.

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