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Did Rihanna Shade Nicki Minaj's Met Gala Outfit On Instagram?

It's hard to say...

It's pretty much unanimous at this point: Rihanna was the star of the night at the Met Gala on Monday. Her show-stopping Rei Kawakubo look was just as iconic as her looks from previous years.

Nicki Minaj, in a red and black H&M dress, was no slouch on the red carpet either. It's safe to say that both women killed it, and Nicki was feeling herself so much that she re-posted a list of 23 publications that included her on their best-dressed list on Instagram.

The catch? The list turned out to be fake, and Minaj later deleted it. Perez Hilton reports that later that day, Rihanna posted a collage of magazines praising her look, writing in the caption, "Casual."

Rihanna's the queen of being shady on social media when she wants to, but was this actually shady, or was she just stating facts? You be the judge. Check out the post below.

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