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Did T.I. And Tiny Get Back Together?

Their recent Instagram posts seem like PDA.

Fans of T.I. and Tiny may have reason to celebrate. The couple shocked their fans when they announced their impending divorce last year — not to mention all the side chick drama from earlier this year — but recent posts on social media have many believing that the couple may have patched things up.

Tiny celebrated her birthday in St. Lucia last weekend, and judging by the pics on social media, T.I. went with her. They were spotted lying out in the sun together, with T.I. resting his head on Tiny's lap.

The rapper also posted a lengthy, heartfelt birthday message to his maybe-ex on IG.

"In my eyes, we didn't break up, we EVOLVED into something unconditional," he wrote. "A relationship that supersedes fidelity, physical presence, or any other disagreement we may have faced. What we have is stronger than the bullsh** & for that I'm thankful. We've taught each other things that'll allow us to continue to raise hell & kick sh** for many many moons. Keep pressing your line & polishing your shine Mrs.H."

Tiny was just as affectionate in her response, writing, "Awe big daddy. Can't do nothing but say I will always love you forever & a day! Always said u were the man to make my dreams come true! My one of a kind King/patna lol."

Do you think they're really back together? Take a look at their full posts below.


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