Did Tia Mowry Throw Shade At Nicki Minaj?

Nicki's fans sure think so.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

If there's one thing you've gotta love about social media, it's that it allows us to watch celebrities get themselves into awkward situations and start drama - usually with other celebrities. Tia Mowry is the latest starlet who's probably rethinking her posting decisions lately.

On Tuesday night, Tia posted a meme that features pictures of Lisa Bonet and Nicki Minaj side by side; the photo of Lisa during her Cosby days was labeled "me," while the photo of Nicki, squatting in a bikini, read "other females."

Underneath, Tia added the caption: “Not that there's anything wrong with 'the other girls.' Get it girls!! But this is so ME!” She later added a P.S.: "Nobody is shaming anybody either! Please don't read into it! GESH!"

Post and delete for #tiamowry . Guess ppl been going in on her and she clapping back?

A photo posted by DJ Akademiks (@iamakademiks) on

As is always the case, she later deleted the post entirely. And, as is always the case, it didn't matter, because Nicki's fans had already taken to their pages, calling Tia out for being shady and body-shaming Nicki.

Was Tia really throwing shade Nicki, or are the Barbz reading too much into this? Whatever the answer may be, with the way Nicki has been clapping back on social media lately, Tia ought to be relieved that Nicki didn't come for her hard on Twitter. 

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