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Did Tiny Just Blast T.I. For Not Letting Her Have Male Friends?

Tiny goes in on T.I. via Facebook-- but then denies it.

Rumors have been everywhere that T.I. and Tiny Harris have been experiencing marriage problems. Tiny was recently spotted dancing with boxer Floyd Mayweather, whom her husband has had public issues with. The reality star reprtedly took to Facebook to air out her marriage woes, saying that T.I. won't let her have male friends.

"For years I've been the one getting hurt but now that a lil video done surfaced with me having a friendly dance, he's mad?? Why?" Tiny continues by saying that the rapper has many female friends. "I know I ain't the only Female he associate hisself with so...It is what it is.."

Although the post came from a verified page, Tiny rescinded the statement today. The singer tweeted that the page doesn't really belong to her. T.I. reiterated her sentiment, having posted a message about social media being inaccurate.


T.I. and Tiny have been together for years and got married in 2010. The rapper has faced allegations of cheating for several years. Tiny and Floyd Mayweather have been rumored to be cozy for some time as well. Back in 2014, T.I. flipped out after Tiny posted a photo with Floyd's daughter on Instagram.

The triangle thickens.

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