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Did You Know? Plastic Surgery Is A Legit Holiday Gift

Be forewarned: gift wisely.

What better way to show that you care than with a breast augmentation or lip fillers? Plastic surgery is popular during the holidays and many are even giving it as a gift!

“Probably at least a third of any plastic surgery happens in the last quarter of the year,” Daniel C. Mills, a plastic surgeon and the president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, tells Allure. “Part of it is that many people have the time off from work already. And they’re also more likely to go at this time to get a little pick-me-up for all the holiday cheer—photos, parties, etc.”

If Santa Claus won't give you Botox or lipo, you can always ask the one you love. Mills says that husbands are the most common buyers of plastic surgery, specifically buying gift cards for breast augmentation for their wives. Plastic surgery can be a touchy topic so it's recommended to only gift someone who's already asked for it. 

One poor husband incorrectly purchased his wife a gift card for new breasts. When she opened up the package, she burst into tears and they ended up splitting. “She was totally insulted,” the doctor shared. “That gift eventually caused the couple to break up. Since, I have learned that while women may dislike one of their body parts, it doesn’t mean they want plastic surgery; usually, they only want their husbands to listen, not take action.”

Gift wisely.

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