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Diplo Comes Out As "Half Gay," No One Knows What That Means

Yes homo. Maybe.

Could EDM's most notorious bro actually be queer? Diplo has hinted at the possibility before, saying in a 2014 Reddit AMA that "everyone's a little bit gay" when asked about his sexuality.

Now, Diplo's taken it one step further. In a tweet addressed to openly-queer rapper Angel Haze, Diplo casually announced his half-gayness. Problem is: we have no idea what that actually means.

Angel Haze responded in kind:

So: what's the deal here? It's not really any of our business, essentially, but all these hints got us wondering: Is Diplo bi? Sexually fluid? Pansexual?

Or, if we're going to be more cynical: is Diplo pulling a Nick Jonas? Is his "half-gayness" just a passive aggressive and self-congratulating assertion of his tolernace of gays? Is he simply trying to pander to LGBTs for our support (and money) by merely hinting at his own queerness?

No way to know for now. But, either way, we're certainly pumped for an eventual collaboration between the frat-boy music icon and Angel Haze.

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