DJ Khaled Got Lost At Sea And Snapchatted The Entire Thing

This right here is why social media was created.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
DJ Khaled. Lost At Sea. On Snapchat. This is what the world has come to.
On Monday, DJ Khaled's Snapchat - usually a source of life inspiration and gardening tips - became an edge-of-the-seat thriller as he revealed that he was lost at sea. At night. On a jet ski. 
The day started out normally enough, with DJ Khaled hopping on his jet ski and traveling to Rick Ross's house (I'm going to assume that's totally normal for both DJ Khaled and Rick Ross). 
We can only guess that they spent the day together doing fun rich people stuff that people who don't own jet skis can't even imagine. Anyway, DJ Khaled must have lost track of time, because as he headed home, the sun was already beginning to set. It soon grew completely dark, and because jet skis don't have lights, he had to use his phone to attempt to guide the way home. 
The DJ/producer/rapper made sure to keep everyone on Twitter updated, and warned them of the dangers of driving jet skis at night.
DJ Khaled's ocean adventure is archived on Youtube (yay technology!) and if you're not already following him on Snapchat yet (his username is djkhaled305), you're missing out.
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