DJ Quik: "Kanye Is A Kardashian Now, What The F*ck?"

DJ Quik is disappointed in Kanye's new album, and he blames his newfound celebrity.

By Jazzi Johnson

Legendary rapper and producer DJ Quik was far from hesitant when it came to speaking his opinion on Kanye West's latest album, The Life Of Pablo. Speaking on the state of hip-hop on NOAHTV, he hinted that fans are really frustrated with Kanye these days because his focus is elsewhere. And while it's true he's angered a fan or two into a lawsuit, Quik's opinion is a bit different.

"Kanye so scared, he don't even know what to do with The Life of Pablo," said DJ Quik. "Let's just keep this sh*t all the way f*cking 100." Comparing it to Kanye's groundbreaking 808s & Heartbreak and the experimental Yeezus, he asked, "Do you think it deserves all the hype?" The interviewer answers 'no,' but makes note of the "good moments" on the album, to which Quik responds, "So his celebrity supersedes his talent right now?" Then answers his own question: "Yes! Come on. He's a Kardashian now, what the f*ck?"

Quik goes on to say that his words are only meant as a challenge and not a diss, because fans-- himself included-- "aren't stupid."  He speculates that Kanye's head is so caught up in Kim (and her private parts), that he's not in touch with his music as passionately as he used to be.  

Shall we all find our seats for the epic Kanye rant to follow? Watch the video clip below.

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