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DMX Wants You To Know That He's Never Performed Oral Sex On A Man

"I'm up here to tell you the truth."

DMX has a message for the world, you guys, and it's this: he has never in his entire life performed oral sex on a man.

Or something. The rapper caught fans off guard during a recent show in New York City when he started preaching to the crowd, saying, "I ain't never sucked a d*ck in my life. I'm up here to tell you the truth. And you know what, the truth could be a blessing even if you it's something bad for you. I'm talking to somebody."

So, was he throwing shade to other people in the music industry, or trying to inspire others to be honest? Unfortunately, the fact that we don't really know what he was talking about beforehand makes it harder to understand his point. In any case, check out video of his on-stage message below.


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