Meet The Dog Groomer With The Most Mesmerizing Instagram Account On The Internet

Dog grooming with a beat.

If you're looking for a reason to procrastinate, then look no further! Jess Rona Grooming's Instagram account (@JessRonaGrooming) is the perfect cup of cheer to get you through even the lamest day. Her signature move is blowing the dogs' new 'dos in the wind and setting it all to moody music. Simple, but perfect.

I caught up with Jess to talk about her adorable account, and here is what she had to say! 

Luther looks tough but he's the shmoopiest. 🎤 by @sublime

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How long ago did you start the account, and what inspired you to do so? 

I was let go from the shop I was working at and I wanted to start my own little home shop about two years ago. I didn't have a ton of clients. I would post grooming photos on my regular Instagram and then I decided to move them to their own account to be more professional.

@babujipug 🎤 by Frank Sinatra (special shout out to @clintculp for telling me about this psychedelic Sinatra album.)

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Pug Sinatra

Yeah, it looks like the dogs are taking their work very seriously. Talk about smize on fleek. How do the dogs tend to respond? 

Dogs are pretty chill because I only do a few a day. I definitely get some that are high strung and untrusting and hating it, and those are always new clients. I find a lot of groomers don't have time to work with fearful dogs so they rush, and the dog never gets over it, so it's always a struggle for them. I can tell easily if a dog has been traumatized by grooming.  

@marniethedog 🎶 by @adele

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Hello my favorite. 

What is your music to dog matching process like?

Ha! Music to dogs! I listen to music all day. I'll try to get cool footage of a dog blowing in the wind in slo-mo. Then I'll look for an emotion in the footage and pick a song that'll go with it. 

@mollymarlette @thedogblogger 🎶 by Simon and Garfunkle

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Baby Blue Ears. 

What is life like as an Insta-celebrity?

Am I that? Don't I need a million followers before I'm a celeb? So funny. It's cool because the dogs are the celebrities, not me! In fact, a dog I made a video of got recognized at a restaurant! 


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Nailing It. 

What would be your dream endorsement deal?

Apple or Iv San Bernard (My current favorite grooming product line.) 

@djivy and her pup @iamstellathedog 🎶by: Phillis Dillon

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What are your plans for the future? 

Start a product line, develop an at-home bathing kit to be sold on QVC, Amazon and my own website, get cool acting gigs, and groom dogs as a hobby. 

@angelsmedspa 🎶 by CSN

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Hair Raising.

If you had to pick a favorite post, which one would it be?

Stella the Beyonce dog. When I made that video, I remember it took a long time to load, and I got frustrated and thought to myself "Gah! Hurry up! People need to see this asap!"

@danikid @marivilg @alessandragl @kikimonsterrr

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Surfboard. Surfboard.

If you love Jess as much as we do, follow her at @JessRonaGrooming, and if you're from Apple or Iv San Bernard, hit her up with an endorsement deal. Seriously, guys. This account is everything.

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