Donald Trump Apparently Thinks All Black People Know Each Other

His response to a black journalist's question has many up in arms.

By Aimée Lutkin

If you missed Donald Trump’s absolutely deranged press conference on Thursday, it’s pretty hard to pick and choose which insane thing to catch you up on. One of the most notable crazy things Trump did was engage in an extremely aggressive battle with the press. It’s a reporter’s job to go to a “press conference” and ask questions. Trump spent much of his complaining about reporters asking tough questions. He wanted nice, easy questions that had nothing to do with his corruption scandals, anti-Semitism, or even actual facts about his electoral college votes.

But one instance in particular stands out: reporter April Ryan was called on to ask her question to the president, and she queried if he’d be meeting with the CBC. Trump didn’t appear to know that the CBC stood for the Congressional Black Caucus. Once Ryan clarified that for him, he demanded she set up a meeting. Because she’s black, right? And all black people know each other?

Ryan very politely responds, “No, I’m just a reporter,” but the president more-or-less insists. I guess if he doesn’t meet with the CBC, it’s her fault.

Ryan later tweeted, “I am a journalist not a convener! But thank you for answering my questions,” just to confirm.

Hilariously, the Congressional Black Caucus also tweeted in response to the story, writing, “Hi, @realDonaldTrump. We’re the CBC. We sent you a letter on January 19, but you never wrote us back. Sad!”

They also shared their letter to him to prove it. If only Donald Trump was capable of reading the receipts.

[Photo: Getty]

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