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Donald Trump Wants To Make Flag-Burning Illegal

If people weren't burning the flag before, they will now.

Have you been thinking about burning the American flag lately? If so, you might want to get to it before Donald Trump is inaugurated in January, because on Monday morning he was wide awake and tweeting about taking away some rights. 

“Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” he tweeted.

It is, of course, completely unconstitutional to jail someone for burning a flag, because it’s a form of protest protected under the First Amendment. You also can’t perfunctorily strip people of their citizenship based on 140 characters. But we live in a crazy world where it seems like Trump has manifested the darkest timeline via his Twitter feed. It’s good to restate reality as it is defined by the constitution.

Many believe that Donald Trump’s tweets get especially unhinged when he has something to hide, for example his many illegal business conflicts around the world, or the extremely racist and incompetent pack of weirdos he is appointing to his cabinet. Personally, I think that the people controlling Trump, like Mike Pence, are encouraging his unhinged behavior as a distraction, but he himself is an actual grumpy baby who would be insisting he won the popular voter and shouting about voter fraud even if there was no other purpose to it.

In this instance, Trump is likely having a tantrum in reaction to New Hampshire college, who have removed the American flag from their pole after it was set on fire. Protests erupted around the campus, both for and against the action. Obviously, people have some very strong feelings about their patriotic duty to an American symbol. If you want to be respectful, yet also protest via arson, may I suggest burning the Confederate flag?

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