Donald Trump Confusingly Waved A Rainbow Flag At Rally

Even though the Republican party's official platform is more anti-gay than ever...

Donald Trump! Does he hate gays? Hard to tell!

The dark-sided entity and current presidential hopeful has never had a consistent policy plan pertaining to LGBTQ people (although his running mate's history is terrifyingly anti-gay) — but that didn't stop him from waving around a rainbow flag at a rally in Greeley, Colorado this weekend. 

With the words "LGBTS FOR TRUMP" sloppily scrawled on the flag in black marker, Trump paraded the symbol for gay pride around on stage to much fanfare.

The gesture (and its reaction) is certainly confusing. Trump has all but pledged to nominate Supreme Court justices who would attempt to reverse the decision on marriage equality, yet repeatedly tells his supporters (many of whom are opposed to the very existence of sexual minorities) that he will be the best president for LGBTQs. Trump's rhetoric usually defers to his vehement opposition to Islamic extremism at this point, a cheap way for him to both encourage racism and claim that his position is, somehow, also pro-queer. Meanwhile, the Republican party's official platform is the most anti-gay it has ever been, essentially advocating both legalized discrimination against gays and conversion therapy (a widely discredited and dangerous practice).

We are so close to being done with this election. So close:

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