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Here's What Donald Trump Means For Abortion Rights

Donald Trump says he's pro-life. Now what?

Donald Trump is wasting no time in sharing his views on women's reproductive rights— and they're kind of frightening. The president-elect tells 60 Minutes that he is pro-life and that abortion rights belong to individual states.

"I’m pro-life," he said in an interview yesterday, per Cosmo. He promised that the Supreme Court justices he appoints "will be pro-life" as well. When asked about abortions, Trump deflected the matter to individual states. "Yeah, but then some women won’t be able to get an abortion?" interviewer Lesley Stahl asked. "No, it’ll go back to the states," he said. "Yeah, well, they’ll perhaps have to go, they’ll have to go to another state."

Wait a minute. So, women may have to travel to another state to get an abortion?

Women have been freaking out over abortion, which is currently protected under Roe v. Wade, and reproductive rights under Trump's administration. Due to his conservative stance, women have even taken to social media to encourage each other to stock up on birth control and get IUDs; just in case health insurance no longer covers contraception.

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