Donald Trump Vs. Samuel L. Jackson Is The Weirdest Celeb Beef Ever

Trump vs. Jackson...with an assist from Anthony Anderson? This is just weird.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Donald Trump is pretty much a pro at making enemies at this point, but his latest public feud is just downright baffling. What does the Don have against Samuel L. Jackson?

During an interview with Rhapsody magazine, Jackson was questioned about being golf buddies with none other than Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate and one of the most polarizing public figures in recent history. Jackson responded that, though the two of them have played golf together in the past, he wouldn't call them friends. He then launched into a story about how, years after golfing with Trump, he received a bill from the Trump National Golf Club because Trump had made him a member without his permission. And when it comes to who's the better golfer? "Oh I am, for sure. I don't cheat," Jackson said.

Trump fired back via Twitter, claiming that he doesn't even know Sam Jackson is.

Apparently Jackson has a witness, though: Anthony Anderson, star of Black-ish chimed in with a tweet of his own, chastising Trump for playing dumb.

Trump chose to ignore that, and instead fire back at Jackson for calling him a cheater in the original interview.

Is Donald Trump officially out of better things to do? For his part, Sam Jackson seems unbothered, and if I were the highest-grossing actor of all time, I probably would be too.

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