Dr. Dre Handcuffed And Searched By Cops After Road Rage Incident

It all started after a stranger stopped in front of his house.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Dr. Dre found himself under citizen's arrest after a stranger got aggressive with him in front of his own house.

According to TMZ, it all started when a driver stopped in front of Dre's Malibu home. Dre asked him to move, and the man complied, but allegedly cursed out Dre as he did it. Dre then pulled into his driveway, and when the driver continued yelling at him, Dre took out his phone and began to record the encounter.

TMZ's sources claim the man said, "Here we go again, another black guy with a gun." He then called 911 to report that someone had pulled a gun on him.

When authorities arrived, they handcuffed Dre and searched him, but found no gun. The man, however, had performed a citizen's arrest and filled out a report, which will be forwarded to the District Attorney who gets to decide if there's even a case.

What in the world? It definitely sounds suspicious coming off of Joe Budden's recent run-in with strangers.


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