Dr. Luke Changes His Mind, Says Kesha CAN Perform At Billboard Awards After All

But we still hate Dr. Luke.

By Eric Shorey

Some good news, finally: After originally allowing Kesha to perform at the Billboard Music Awards and then shortly rescinding that permission, Dr. Luke (surely noticing the negative reaction to his denial on social media) will be letting our girl sing at the ceremonies after all.

As we already know: Dr. Luke basically owns Kesha while the two dispute the stipulations of their contract in court. When Kesha was originally given permission to perform at the prestigious award show, a rumor began circulating that she would take the opportunity to make a statement about her legal battles against her allegedly abusive producer. Kesha herself later denied that claim, stating that she was going to be performing a cover of a Bob Dylan song -- but Luke and his label, Kemosabe Records, weren't budging just yet. Luckily, Kesha was able to perform that cover along side music icon Ben Folds just last night:

Now, Kemosabe Records have released a rather backhanded statement that allows Kesha to perform at the award ceremony after all: "Kesha's performance on the Billboard Music Awards was always approved, in good faith. Approval was only suspended when Kemosabe learned Kesha was to use the performance as a platform to discuss the litigation," the statement read. "Now that Kemosabe has obtained assurances, that it is relying upon, from Kesha, her representatives and Dick Clark Productions that neither Kesha nor her supporters will use the performance as such a platform, the approval has been restored."

The Billboard Music Awards have gone on to release a statement, confirming that Our Lady Of Parties That Don't Stop will, in fact, be performing: "We are pleased that Kesha and Kemosabe Records have reached an agreement and very much look forward to having Kesha perform on the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday night on ABC.”

If Dr. Luke and his team thinks this kind gesture will win him any fans, he's certainly incorrect. We all still hate your guts, dude. #FreeKesha

Meanwhile, Gaga ain't havin' none of it:

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