Dr. Luke Is Asking For Kesha's Private Medical Records To Be Made Public, WTF?

This guy sucks.

By Eric Shorey

We're obviously not legally allowed to outright state that Dr. Luke is a rapist and/or abuser considering none of those allegations have been proven in court. That being said: this dude is a total jerk! We can say that for sure!

The latest on Luke's jerkery? He's now asking a court to make Kesha's private medical and psychological records public.

According to Page Six, Dr. Luke’s lawyers argue that Kesha has "'unambiguously waived' any therapist-patient privilege when she tried to break her recording contract citing 'physical, emotional and sexual trauma inflicted by [Dr. Luke].'”

Wait, what? No! That's not how doctor-patient confidentiality works, dude! That ish ain't none of your business! No wonder Kesha claimed Luke was manipulative and controlling! Like, damn!

Kesha's legal team is smartly arguing that allowing an (alleged) abuser to have access to an (alleged) victim's medical and/or psychological records sets a dangerous precedent for future cases of sexual assault, in which “a person’s innermost thoughts and feelings" are at stake.

According to Jezebel, there already is some unfortunate precedent for this: "Currently, the U.S. government allows the release of protected health information by HIPAA-covered health care providers in the case of a court order."

The Manhattan judge presiding over the case has yet to make a decision regarding this specific issue.

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