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Drake And Rihanna Caught On Full PDA Display In Miami (VIDEO)

And Rihanna's curve game is nowhere to be found.

By now, we can all (finally) agree that AubRih is a thing, right? After Drake's kiss-me-maybe stunt at the VMAs, followed by their ongoing time together (which has yet to come to an end since the VMAs)—the evidence is mounting.

We always had insiders confirming the on-again romance, but now -- we have video. And Rihanna's curve game is nowhere to be found.

While performing "Work" onstage in Miami, the two play a little cat and mouse. Rihanna lures his head towards her crotch, and later, the two share a kiss before Drake exits the stage. Watch below, via TMZ.

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Miami must be the hotspot for them, because the two also shared some PDA in a nightclub, which makes it pretty obvious that there's more going on here than just friendship. 

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Can we rest the rumors to sleep now and just begin planning their wedding already? Thanks.

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