Drake & Eminem Beef Was Probably Fake, They Performed Together Last Night

Don't believe everything you read on gossip sites.

By Eric Shorey

Rumors about beef between Drake and Eminem have been floating around the internet for a while now, but it's looking like the stories were largely fabricated, or that problems have since been solved. The two performed together at a show at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena with neither party throwing any shade.

Various sites reported that the two had challenged each other to battles in the recent past. It's possible that the alleged diss track, which Eminem was supposedly writing as a challenge to the younger artist, was put aside to make room for more love. It's also possible that the entire story was made up or exaggerated through gossip. Either way, seems like whatever differences that maybe existed no longer matter, with both hip hoppers showing mutual respect for each other's artistry just last night.

TMZ obtained some footage of the performance:

There's even footage of Drake bowing to Eminem and calling him "the greatest rapper to ever get on the motherf*cking microphone":

The moral of the story here is: don't believe everything you read on gossip sites. Also: Drake and Eminem are both adorable.


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