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Drake Got A Shark Tattoo To Match Rihanna's

It's getting real, ya'll.

It's official, guys: things between Drake and Rihanna are getting serious - so serious that Drake is following Rihanna's lead and getting ink as a permanent symbol of their love-thing.

In case you missed it: Rih recently got a weird, random tattoo on her ankle of a camouflage shark, and no one really understood the reference. That is, until someone put two and two together and realized that that super sweet Instagram pic Drake posted of him kissing Rihanna (on the cheek) had a stuffed camouflage shark on the edge of the photo, so Rih basically got a tattoo to commemorate their super adorable aquarium date.

Well, Drake is feeling Rih just as hard as she's feeling him (as if there was ever any doubt), and he got a camo shark tattoo on his arm to match hers. An eagle-eyed fan noticed Aubrey's new ink during a "Summer Sixteen" performance late last week, and the freak out commenced.


Can you imagine if this becomes a thing? Forget changing Facebook statuses: it's not real unless you both get tattoos commemorating your first date.

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