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Drake Has Some Disgusting Rules About How To Treat Women He Sleeps With

Let's just say Rihanna dodged a bullet.

I’ll admit it—I have a celebrity crush on Drake. I love his music, I love his goofiness, I love his unbridled thirst for strong ladies. Even when he’s acting childish, I find it weirdly endearing. But I think it’s time for that crush to die. When you get right down to it, Drake is just a bro who blew it with Rihanna, right?

Look at this. French Montana posted a “10 Snipe Commandments” list to Instagram. It’s a pretty sexist and gross list of rules for how men should treat the women they’re sleeping with. Also, it’s completely unoriginal! This is a standard Bro Code that we’ve all heard examples of before. Bros before hos, etc. etc. You can lie to her, you can’t poach on your friends, you should work as a group to bang as many chicks as possible. Apparently, this list was compiled by French Montana and Drake, and they think they’re reinventing the wheel because they’ve labeled women “tings.” Bad news, guys: most men think women are things. You’re basic!


A particularly stupid item on the list reads, “Thou shall only splash unprotected if the ting is a must splash or you are too fry or you trust the vibe or you plan to keep the vibe for a minimum of 6 months with 4 interactions within the alloted time period.”

To break it down, they're saying that you can have sex without a condom if you’re drunk, if she’s hot, or if you somehow intuitively know you won’t be contracting an STD. This is some of the most godawful advice I’ve ever read, especially because a guy like Drake is rich enough to buy rubbers. Guess he thinks he’s also rich enough to have a bunch of unplanned babies out there?

What horrible advice to their young fans. Crush over.

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