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Drake Is Under Fire For Taking A Shot At Kid Cudi's Mental Health

Fans are not happy with him.

Rap beefs aren't anything new, but when it comes to dissing other artists, some things should just be off-limits, like talking about other people's children or using someone's mental illness as an insult.

After dropping a new song this morning, Drake is facing some serious backlash on social media, as some believe he took an inappropriate shot at one of his rivals, Kid Cudi. Cudi recently checked himself into rehab to treat his depression, and it was a move that sparked a widespread discussion about the stigma still surrounding mental health.

Prior to that though, Cudi took a shot at Drake and Kanye, blasting them for needing so many other people to help write their songs, blah blah blah. Drake and Kanye barely responded, but it looks like Drake was just biding his time before he could hit back in lyrical form.

On his new song, "Two Birds, One Stone," Drake raps, "You were the man on the moon, now you just go through your phases. Life of the angry and the famous."

"Man on the moon" most likely refers to Cudi's first album, and many on social media took offense to Drake seemingly referring to Cudi's struggle with depression and suicidal urges as a "phase."

What do you think? Is this all a misunderstanding, or is this just a low blow? You can listen to the track below.

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