Drake's Style Evolution Is Real

Happy Birthday, Drake! Celebrate 30 years of Drake's style.

Happy birthday Drake! The superstar turns the big 3-0 today. Aside from his music—which we love—the Toronto native has given us 30 years of crazy unique style. From dad sweaters to dapper gentleman, here's Drake's epic style evolution. 

Casual and Cute


Drake was a cute kid. Here, he keeps in casual in a Batman t-shirt while hanging with his parents.

Suit & Tie


Even as a kid, Drake knew how to rock a suit. It was only a matter of time before GQ. 

Snow Baby


It gets cold in The 6. These red snowpants were quite the style statement. 

Geek Chic


Dorky glasses and baggy clothes? '90s kids will appreciate this look.

DeGrassi Style


Drake kicked off the glasses and grew into a teen heartthrob as Jimmy on DeGrassi: The Next Generation. 



When Drake began his professional rap career, fashion wasn't exactly his speciality. He was usually seen rocking t-shirts, sweatbands and sweats bearing his October's Very Own (OVO) owl. 

Dad Style


If there's one article of clothing that screams Drake, it's dad sweaters. After his "Hotline Bling" video, people have actually started wearing ugly sweaters with him (wearing an ugly sweater) sewn on.

Heartbreak Drake


Zamn Zaddy! Underneath those owl sweatshirts, Drake was hiding a killer body. 

Dapper Don


Drake has grown into a stylish young man. It's no surprise that GQ calls him one of the most stylish men in the world.  

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