Drop Everything! The Biggest Hair Trend Is The Bun Drop

Drop it like it's hot.

Drop everything. There's a new trend in hair that everyone's talking about. It isn't a new coloring technique or the perfect braid. It's the bun drop.

Bun dropping is exactly what it sounds like: The process of removing a bun from your hair. This routine, kind of boring part of life has become an internet obsession, with women on Instagram devoting entire photos and videos to the process.  

Here's an example of the bun drop:


With the power of slow motion technology, women can make their hair look like a high-end shampoo commercial.

Here's a bun drop in the middle of a field. This woman adds a suggestive sway to her drop.


A brunette with shiny hair does a mesmerizing bun drop...


Despite being fun to watch, bun dropping is not a hair trend that every woman will want to recreate at home. That cascading effect may be harder to achieve with short, curly, wavy or textured hair. Don't feel bad. Our buns don't drop like that, either. This guy totally gets it.

[Photo: Instagram]

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