Drunk White Dude Challenges R. Kelly To Sing Off, Promptly Loses

My mind's telling me no...

By Eric Shorey

R. Kelly is most likely a very bad person. He is also an incredibly talented singer. The first point is irrelevant to this story, but a good thing to keep in mind.

Anyway: A drunk fan recently encountered Mr. Kelly on the street. In complete disbelief that he was actually coming across a music legend, said fan challenged R. Kelly to sing-off. Never one to back down from a contest, the musician obliged. Even after Kelly blazes through a bafflingly amazing rendition of "Bump and Grind," said drunkie remains in disbelief and attempts to outdo the icon with $100 on the line:

This just in: White Boy R. Kelly is my new least favorite genre of music.

After all is said and done, Boozie McBadVoice has trouble paying up after losing the battle, which isn't surprising because look at him.

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